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Maybe I’m just feeling crushed.
"You are going to break your promise. I understand. And I hold my hands over the ears of my heart, so that I will not hate you."

자꾸만 네가 떠올라, Sinking of you, Daehyun Kim, 2010 

The Korean title translates into “i keep thinking of you,” but it literally means “you keep floating up”

and then the English title is “Sinking of you”

so when you think of another person, that mentally woven image will float up to the surface beyond your reach

while you are weighted down by your own obsession

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I keep getting these shitty dreams that fuck me up for days

I feel like I can’t breathe a lot of the time lately.
Could blame it on the sweltering mid-west heat and humidity,
but I should be honest, at least with myself.
The thick, stagnant, intoxicating air of summer always stirs up these feelings in me,
but again, I should be honest, I don’t think I can blame this on my usual summer blues.
Trying to pull myself out of another debilitating bout of overwhelming sadness and relentless anxiety. 
Trying to live in the present and not inside of my tangled up, feverish, achy head. 
I know things will get better…
Elegant Rose